Pedophile Sends Mom A Message Threatening to Prey on Her Young Daughter

Posted on Jun 4 2015 - 1:29pm by Redwire Singapore

A netizen has expressed her shock and anger on Facebook, regarding a man whom she claims to be a pedophile preying on her daughter.

Aisha Bunton says that she received a private message from a man using the moniker “Darren Chin”, which included a picture of her daughter.

The picture was supposedly taken from the Facebook page of the school her daughter attends.

“Darren Chin” is accused of leaving this comment in the private message, as well as on the school’s Facebook page (which was subsequently deleted):

“I want to suck your daughter nice perfect toes, lick the soles the feet, kiss her lips, suck my penis, and be my wife.”

Aisha Bunton says she has made a police report regarding the incident.

redwire singapore pedophile police report

This is Aisha Bunton’s Facebook post:

“I am hereby making this post public. U are free to share this.
I received a pm frm this DC who then blocked me. Msging me a picture of my daughter which he took frm the sch page with that msg. How sickening can someone be. Its a very heartbreaking thing to have received this kinda shit frm a stranger.
I was then informed by my girl sch teacher that he actually posted the same comment on her picture on the sch page which he then deleted aft knowing whats going on. He also unliked the sch page later.
Pls share this to create awareness. Dont want others to fall deep in this pedophilia”

redwire singapore pedophile police report

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