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Pervert Dad Jailed 11 Years for Doing Drugs and Sexually Attacking Teenage Daughter

She regarded him as a father but he preyed on her instead.

48-year-old Pervert Dad took advantage of his 15-year-old girl one night in 2015 when she was sleeping.

At around 2am, he slipped his hand into her shorts, touched her buttocks and sexually penetrated her.

The girl woke up when she felt his hand moving inside her shorts and that’s when he removed it.

The two were sleeping in the same room, with the girl sleeping on the bed and Pervert Dad sleeping on the floor.

When the incident took place, Pervert Dad had just been released from prison and moved into the girl’s home.

The girl’s mother had remarried, but allowed him to stay with the family as she pitied him.

Police later arrested Pervert Dad, and investigations revealed a shocking truth – he wasn’t the biological father of the teen girl even though she had known him as her father all this while.

Pervert Dad was later arrested again in July 2016 for heroin consumption at a hotel in Balestier Road.

He has since been jailed for 11 years and 3 months for drug consumption and sexual penetration of a minor.



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