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Pervert Uncle Hides Naked in NUS Toilet to Prey on Female Students

Female students at the National University of Singapore have reported being sexually harassed by a pervert uncle.

The man would hide in a handicapped toilet, pull down his trousers to expose his genitals, then poke his head out of the toilet door to ask for help when young ladies walk by.

He would claim that he has difficulty walking and needs to be physically supported.

In one incident, 2 people went into the toilet to help the old pervert, who refused to use the support handlebars and instead asked them to help carry him up.

Once that was done, he asked for their phone numbers, saying that he wanted to meet them for drinks.

In another instance, the lao tiko again poked his head out of the toilet to ask for help from a passing lady.

She saw that he was naked from the waist-down and told him that she would get a male to help him, however he refused saying that he did not want to “attract attention”.

Nonetheless, she managed to find someone to help.

After that he followed her, with no apparent walking difficulty, and said that he wanted to buy her a drink.

The pervert uncle usually hunts for his prey at University Town (UTown).

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