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Petition Started Urging MSF to Tekan Young Couple who Bullied Ah Pek at Hawker Centre

Over 1600 people have signed an online peitition urging the Social and Family Development Ministry to take action against the young couple that bullied an ah pek over hawker centre seats.

The petition was started yesterday afternoon by Trish Suan, who intends to deliver it to the ministry once it hits 2500 signatories.

Trish stated the reasons for starting the petition as:

“- To raise awareness that the Silver Generation should be respected, and not abused (verbally, physically)

– To raise funds for the old man to take civil action against the couple for intimidation, verbal abuse, etc

– To petition to MSF to take constructive action to protect the Pioneer generation of Singapore”

Comments have flooded in, with many condemning the behaviour of the young couple.

Said Aaron Soh:

“There isn’t any reservation for hawker centre and it’s not a culture . most importantly pushing an elderly is an embarrassing act , VCH is a crime and verbal abusing is a big ‘NO.'”

Sarah Yeo added that:

“It is ok to reserve the table. Even if the young couple don’t want to share, they should find an excuse/tell the elderly man nicely. Scolding vulgarities is not acceptable and pushing the elderly man is the reason why I signed up for this petition.”

And obviously not liking the couple’s cocky ways, Tan Kwee Chye said:

“Culling should be done!”

Eyewitnesses say the young woman refused to share the table at the Toa Payoh Lor 8 hawker centre with the ah pek and scolded him using vulgar words.

Her male friend who subsequently came over then barged into him from behind and continued the sparring match, then used his hand to sweep all the dirty plates on the table onto the ground.

A gracious passerby the approached the old man and told him to come share his table instead.

The couple was thereafter left alone to share the table of 6 seats by themselves.

Petition aside, there has been much outcry from the public calling for the couple to be punished for their actions.



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