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Police Investigating Officer who Allegedly Discouraged Woman who was Sexually Attacked from Lodging Report

The Singapore Police Force has launched investigations into one of its female officers over her alleged comments when attending to a case of molest.

This comes after a Ms Amanda Lai shared a lengthy post on Facebook describing how her colleague was molested during a company Chinese New Year dinner on 8 Feb.

She said that 2 of her colleagues were stopped by two men when they were returning to the restaurant after using the restroom.

One of the men reportedly began harassing her colleague, T, by allegedly asking her to take off her shirt to show him her breasts.

When T refused, the man apparently lifted her off the floor and molested her, stopping only when another colleague started screaming.

Lai said that when her colleague went to file a police report, she had to “endure an unpleasant interview by the police officer, who prefixed the interview by saying, ‘Are you sure you want to do this? If this goes to court, you’ll need to testify….’ and then concluding with, ‘Are you sure they weren’t just trying to be friendly? You know, ang moh culture is different from ours…'”

Lai said she was “disappointed” that the police didn’t take her colleague’s complaint seriously.

Following the post, many members of the public stepped forward and shared their experiences where police officers allegedly tried to push away cases.

Police have since arrested a man in connection with the alleged molest.

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