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Police Report Lodged Over Website Post Linking Enterprise Selling Muslim Products to Terrorism

Albenyahya-police-report - Copy

The owner of Albenyahya Enterprise has lodged a police report at the Jurong Police division, over a website post which allegedly depicts the business as a supporter of Islamic State (IS) – a militant group which has slain thousands of Sunni Muslims and minority groups in Iraq and Syria. The group claims to be doing so in the name of Islam, though it has been condemned by many Muslim leaders across the world.

The identity of the supposedly errant website is not clear just yet, but many netizens Redwire spoke to say they believe it could be socio-political blog, The Real Singapore. A story was published on the blog, titled “DEAR TRS, I AM WORRIED TO SEE A GROUP OF SINGAPOREANS OPENLY SUPPORTING ISIS “. Included in the story was a screen-grab picture of Albenyahya Enterprise’s Facebook page, along with pictures showing a group of men posing with the IS flag.

Albenyahya Enterprise operates in Singapore and Malaysia, and sells items such as shawls , tudung labuh, niqab and coffee. The firm reportedly sold 20 flags in July which resemble the flags of IS. It is unclear whether they actually support the acts of ISIS or are just selling the flags as a novelty product.

The owner of Albenyahya Enterprise has called the accusations against him and his business “baseless”, and said he filed the police report to protect himself and his family.

This is the unedited story posted by The Real Singapore on its website, which it claims was submitted by a reader. Included are the pictures posted on the website. The story was posted on 2 September 2014 at 5.37pm.

Dear The Real Singapore,

Being a muslim Singaporean I am quite worried to see some group of local Singaporeans openly supporting the ISIS as they are deemed as an extremist group that has nothing to do with Islam.

The terrorist organization ISIS has set a new low standard of barbarity and inhumanity. Their most recent act of terrorism is a demand that Christians either convert, pay the jizya, leave their homes, or be killed. Their destruction of an 1800-year-old church in Mosul is painful, condemnable without exception, and wholly in violation of every Qur’anic principle. In fact, the Qur’an 22:41 specifically commands Muslims to protect Churches from destruction.

Most of my muslim friends condemn the ISIS and shouldn’t the Internal Security Act be used on such people? Why is the Singapore government abusing the Internal Security Act to arrest innocent oppositions back in the 80s but not used on such dangerous supporters of ISIS? These people if they go to the middle east to join the war, they might come back to Singapore as a terorrist.

Nothing in Islam or Prophet Muhammad’s example supports ISIS’s barbarity. The below modified excerpt from my book EXTREMIST addresses the issue of jizya and dhimmis directly — and shows without question that ISIS’s acts have nothing to do with Islam, and Islam has nothing to do with ISIS. Indeed, it is an insult to 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide to call IS as “Islamic State.” The more accurate term is Ignorant Savages.

I really hope that the Singapore government instead of abusing the Internal Security Act to fear-monger innocent Singaporeans and politicians they should use it accordingly on such dangerous people which are actual threat to the national security of our country.

Worried Singaporean

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    September 5, 2014 at 12:45 am

    Sounds like an internal fight amongst Muslims.
    Some say should be like that, others say should be like this.
    Shouldn’t there be a standard understanding of belief?

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