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Policewoman Tries to Block BMW that was Driving Against Traffic Direction by Standing in its Way

Courage without forethought spells a disaster in the making.

Fortunately for one policewoman, she escaped unharmed when trying block a BMW that was driving against the flow of traffic by standing in front of it!

The incident took place on Saturday (14 Jan) at Woodlands Avenue 2 at about 7am.

An eyewitness, Mr Ong, said the BMW was parked at a traffic junction there and it didn’t move despite the traffic lights changing and other drivers sounding their horns.

Mr Ong said he noticed the drivers’ eyes were closed, and the driver still didn’t respond when he tapped on the window to try and wake him up.

Mr Ong said he then called the police.

The driver was awoken after police arrived and one of the officers knocked loudly on his car window.

The driver was startled at the sight, and stepped on the accelerator and drove on the wrong side of the road.

Mr Ong said a policewoman then stood in the way of the car to try and block it and was almost it.

Said Mr Ong:

“I admire her courage, but I want to tell her to put her own safety first, as her family will be worried.”

The car subsequently came to a stop and police arrested the driver for drink-driving.



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