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Poly Student Sexually Harasses Girl, Calling Her “Fatass” and Other Derogatory Names when She Ignores Him

The story is very simple – polytechnic student meets girl on Tinder, girl ignores him after he asks to have sex with her, poly student then sexually harasses her and calls her derogatory names.

It’s the manner and language that the poly student, “YX” used, that is irksome.

Besides calling her names like “fatass”, he also says things like “you have a potato face, you ugly bitch” and that she would be “sucking the cock of other men” if she wasn’t spending time listening to his rants.

No to mention, “you are fat and ugly and no one wants you”.

All that, in addition to the other derogatory terms which he used on her (pictured above).

Posting the exchange on Facebook, the girl’s friend said:

If you’re a friend of YX, perhaps you should give him a knock on the head.

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