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Possible Explanations for Lee Hsien Yang and Wife’s Sudden “Escape” to Hong Kong

Lee Hsien Yang and his wife Lee Suet-Fern are now in Hong Kong, reportedly because they’re “vising a friend”.

Reporters in Hong Kong caught them at the airport yesterday and no one was there to pick them up.

But why has the couple suddenly flown north in the midst of a public spat with Big Bro PM Lee Hsien Loong?

Lee Hsien Yang and his wife Dr Lee Wei Ling have publicly accused PM Lee of abusing his power, his wife Ho Ching of abusing her status as the prime minister’s wife, and the pair’s plot to go against Lee Kuan Yew’s will by not demolishing his 38 Oxley Road House.

Oh yeah, did we mention the abuse of power allegations?

Or that Lee Hsien Yang has publicly said that he believes he has been “spied on”?

Meanwhile, PM Lee denied the allegations and questioned the role of Lee Suet-Fern in the preparation of LKY’s final will.

So, the possible reasons Little Lee and wife could be in Hong Kong now:

(1) Organs of the State

Lee Hsien Yang and sis Lee Wei Ling have publicly stated that they fear Big Bro will use the “organs of the state” against them. Lee Hsien Yang has also said that he feels forced to leave Singapore. So it wouldn’t be a surprise if Little Lee jumped ship before any of that could happen. Some have already speculated that he has left for good this time.

US whistle-blower Edward Snowden escaped to Hong Kong and laid low, then fled to Russia before US authorities could catch up with him.

(2) The LKY Legacy

Besides 38 Oxley Road, Lee Kuan Yew’s other legacy included strong-handed means like the use of lawsuits to, erm, guard against defamation. Ask JBJ. Sorry, Ask Kenneth Jeyaretnam ,the son of JBJ, about how his father was reduced to a bankrupt and had to sell self-published books in town. For a living example, there’s always Dr Chee Soon Juan.

A fear perhaps that PM Lee, LKY’s choice to succeed him, would adopt similar practices after the 3rd July parliament sitting?

(3) Work

Global law firm Morgan Lewis & Bockius has said that Mrs Lee Suet Fern, the managing partner of its combined practice in Singapore, has stepped down from that role but Lee will continue to play a key role in its global strategy from offices in Singapore and in Hong Kong.

That would mean that Mrs Lee would have to “continue to spend a significant amount of time in Singapore as well as travel to Hong Kong, as she already does”.

So, Lee Hsien Yang could essentially be playing the good, hipster husband who follows his wife around.

(4) Others

They could be there to visit friends, or be on holiday. If so, we hope they have a good time at Lan Kwai Fong.



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