Posters of Alleged Wife-Groper Spotted at Punggol bearing Shameful Message

Posters of a Handsome Lover who alleged groped a man’s wife and thereafter pestered her to leave her husband have been seen at 4 blocks of flat in the vicinity of Punggol Block 274C.

The posters bear the image of a Chinese man and his handphone number.

A message on the poster states that Handsome Lover inappropriately groped his friend’s wife when she was drunk, and after that incident persistently asked her to divorce her husband and be with him.

Written on the poster:

“This guy is staying at Punggol with his single mother, brother and a young kid.

“He is harassing my friend’s wife.

“He says he doesn’t love his girlfriend and wants to be with my friend’s wife.

“He asked her to leave her husband and abandon her kids.

“His seamless mother even asked my bribed’s wife to let her children call her grandmother.

“Everyone, please be careful with your wives as this pervert like to prey on married women with children.”

Handsome Lover has since made a police report about the incident.

He has denied all the allegations stated in the poster.

He said that he is caught in 2 minds about taking legal action regarding the matter as he is afraid it will blow up and his identity will be exposed.


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