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PRC Student in Singapore Earns Over S$10,000 as a Real Estate Agent, Gets Arrested and Fined

Hardworking, driven, and entrepreneurial.

Unfortunately for one student from China who came to Singapore to study, his antics ran afoul of the law.

From January to July last year, 22-year-old Zhang made S$10,100 just by helping people find places to rent.

He would trawl forums to find out who needed a place where, and would further scour the web to check if these places were available for rent.

Then, he would connect landlord and client, and from that earn a commission – half of the first month’s rental fee per deal.

One client said that Zhang contacted him onling, offering a place to rent in an area which he was looking at.

He said that Zhang didn’t arouse suspicion as he had even gave him a name card later on.

He subsequently rented the apartment for S$2650 a month, and paid Zhang a commission of S$1200.

The entreprenueurial teenager’s money-making ways were over though, when he was outed by the Council for Estate Agents.

For posing as a real estate agent, he was fined S$40,000 by the courts in Singapore.

So it appears that the problem wasn’t that Zhang did his job well, but rather, he did it without a proper licence.


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