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Pritam Singh: No One Knew How to Upgrade Lifts, but We Built a China Wall

As no lift upgrading had been carried out in Hougang in the past, Managing Agent FMSS was not familiar with the Lift Upgrading Programme, said Aljunied MP Pritam Singh.

Mr Singh said that AHPETC will monitor the management and handover of records more systematically.

In situations where FMSS is a tenderer in a tender called by AHPETC, such as for the Managing Agent contract in 2011, FMSS is kept at arms’ length, with a “China wall” built between FMSS and the Town Council, said the MP.

He added that FMSS played a purely administrative role to evaluate tenderers, and did not make any decision on awarding the tender.

“In the year-long audit, the AGO did not note any criminal wrongdoing by AHPETC staff,” said Mr Singh.

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