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Reckless PHV Driver Smashes Car into MPV Causing it to Flip Over

A reckless private-hire vehicle (PHV) driver smashed his car into a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), causing it to flip over.

The incident took place last Thursday (7 Sep) at around 8pm along the Bradell Flyover .

At that time, the MPV was moving along the exit towards Braddell Road.

The PHV driver was in two minds as to whether he wanted to continue driving towards the CTE or turn out at Braddell Road.

He swerved his car towards the Braddell Road exit, ignoring the chevron markings on the road.

In doing that, he crashed into the MPV.

The impact caused the MPV to tip over on its left side.

The PHV driver then swerved his car back into the CTE-bound lane, and crashed into the road divider.

After the crash, he exited the vehicle, looking apparently unharmed, and went to check on the driver of the MPV.

Police and SCDF personnel subsequently arrived the the crash scene.

A 66-year-old male who was driving the MPV and his 44-year-old female passenger were sent to hospital.

Police are investigating the incident.

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