Restaurant Towkay Attacked by Strangers Following Ah Lian PayNow Error Incident


It appears that overzealous supporters of local ah lian Geraldine Phoa have attacked restaurant towkay Roger Koh over what they perceive is his reluctance to return S$500 to Phoa following her erroneous PayNow bank transfer.

The Ah Lian PayNow Error incident has also erupted in allegations of police abuse of power and even police impersonation.

Koh said today in a public Facebook update that he has been sent text messages wishing harm on his family.


He added that the Facebook pages of one of his restaurant chains, Big Bone Bak Kut The, has also come under attack from “angry keyboard warriors”.


The incident took place on Saturday (23 Nov), when local ah lian Geraldine Phoa contacted Koh to inform him that she had erroneously transferred S$500 to his account using the PayNow bank transfer service.

Phoa and her husband then texted and called Koh, asking him to return the money,

Koh told them that he needed to time verify that he had received the said S$500.

At the time, Koh was in Indonesia.

He subsequently blocked the couple from contacting him as, he claims, he thought they were scammers who were hounding him.

Failing to reach Koh further, the Phoa then posted a message on Facebook, which included Koh’s details.

The message has since been edited to remove identifiable particulars such as Koh’s phone number.

Koh says that he will be obtaining copies of his bank statements today to verify if he has indeed received S$500 from Phoa, and plans to return the money to her if the transaction had taken place.



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