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Retired National Paddler Wang Yuegu Exposes Cheating Ex-Husband’s Love Affair

Ex-National paddler and two-time Olympic medallist Wang Yuegu has let rip on her ex-husband’s alleged love affair which prompted her divorce in October last year.

The couple have a 10-month old son together.

On social media platform Weibo earlier this week, 36-year-old Wang shared a photo of her Taiwanese former spouse, 37-year-old Gabriel Lee, with a woman who goes by the name “Eloise’s Mom”.

And, she shared this text message between the two regarding a mid-day hotel room meeting:


Wang also shared a message which was supposedly sent to her ex-husband by “Eloise’s Mom” initiating a break-up (below the English translation here).

It reads:

“Bb, I have observed your life and family during this time and it’s blissful and happy. I cannot justify entering and affecting your life. You love your wife, your caring wife, so all the more I cannot continue to be with you.

I’m very happy to have met you. During our time together, we had a special bond and that’s why we were so close and progressed so quickly. I cannot carry on like this and wrong your innocent wife.

I have no choice but to do this. I know you’re happy and that you love me and are proud to call me yours. I know you care about me when you remind me to drive carefully and worry that I’m not eating. You didn’t get together with me because you made love to me.

You were also happy because we got along well and you could share everything with me. I want you to know that I didn’t date you because I was bored as my husband is often overseas. You know I’ve many friends and won’t get bored. We had a special relationship and that’s why we’re at this stage today.

We both know that we’ve had an incredible time these 9 months. Let’s keep these sweet memories in our hearts. You go on living a happy life. Alright, bb?”

Wang captioned her Weibo post with the question, “Why won’t you let go of me and my son?”

She further wrote:

“Son you are now 10 months old. This period has been difficult but mom still thanks God for bringing you to my side. Mom loves you, but some things and people have been troubling me. I’ve already given you freedom and wished that you find true love.”


Wang is one of Singapore’s most decorated Olympians.

She last won a bronze medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London together with team mates Feng Tianwei and Li Jiawei before announcing her retirement from table tennis in August that same year.



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