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ROD Loh: Pristine SAF Army Gear Dumped at Recycling Bin Yet There Are No Takers

A set of army gear from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) has been found dumped next to a recycling bin.

Even though the equipment, which includes things like a helmet, field pack and No.4 uniform, appear to be in pristine condition, there seem to be no takers.

Oliver Ong, who spotted the dumped SAF army equipment, said:

“This one is really ROD loh!”

ROD stands for “Run Out Date”, which refers to the end of the reservist cycle for national servicemen.

So, after ROD, can a national serviceman suka suka anyhow dump their equipment?

Government regulations dictate that these equipment must be disposed off in a way that will not result in unauthorised usage of the equipment by other people.

The equipment can also be returned to the any SAF eMart outlet or Army Logistics Base.

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