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Roof Boards of Sheltered Walkway Crash Down Twice in a Month, Yishun Residents Worried about Safety


Residents of Yishun Street 11 are concerned for their safety, after the roof boards of sheltered walkway came crashing down twice in the past month.

The sheltered walkway connects Block 438 to Block 439, and is near to a market and school.

While the outer roof of the walkway is tiled, the inner portion of the roof is covered with wooden boards.

A resident living in the area for the past 5 years said that in the past there were no wooden boards.

However, the sheltered walkway began to leak when it rain he believes that the wooden boards were put up to stop the leak.

And then, he said, the boards must have subsequently collapsed because of being exposed to moisture.

Sembawang Town Council says that it is aware of the problem and cleaners have cleared the fallen boards.

The town council said that the roof of the sheltered walkway was changed in Nov 2017, and it is now looking into doing away with the wooden boards for good.



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