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Damn Funny Lah

Saman Aunty Wannabe Pastes Fake Parking Summons on Cars as Advertising Gimmick

At a time when property sales are booming, you can forgive property agents for scrambling to get their bite of the pie.

But some feel this property agent went too far by placing advertisements that resemble parking summons on cars.

One netizen was angered enough to share the incident on social media, saying:

“Got this on my windscreen. I must say that this is very lame and not funny at all! No driver likes to see this kind of joke on their windscreen! And you jolly well don’t litter with your cheap marketing gimmick on our cars! If it rains, this will stick on to the windscreen!”

The flyer bears the contact details of property agent Shahirah Shaik.

Ms Shahirah said she found the advertisement fun and did not intend to upset anyone.

She added that the flyers were distributed at multi-storey carparks, and that her company had approved the flyers.

“It’s a challenging market right now. There’s 33,000 licensed agents – I would have to think of something unique and out of the box.”

The Council of Estate Agencies says it is aware of the matter and is looking into it with regards to any breach of guidelines and code of ethics.

The council, through a disciplinary committee, can suspend the agent and even impose a fine of up to S$5000 if it deems that the agent has flouted the rules.

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