Scammer Tries to Con Money out of Salleh Marican’s Friends using Fake Facebook Account


Presidential Election 2017 hopeful and CEO of Second Chance Properties, Salleh Marican, has lodged a police report over a scammer who’s impersonating him to con his friends into parting with their cash.

Salleh posted a warning message on his real Facebook page yesterday to warn his friends.

The scammer cloned Salleh’s Facebook page and sent friend requests to people on Salleh’s friend list.

Pretending to be Salleh, the scammer then sent them this message:

“How are you doing? I lost password so I made this one. My life has really changed with the FB bonus, guess what? The FB bonus, I thought you already heard about it. Becos it bonus was made to some FB users in other to benefit from them, its a randomly picked of profile on FB and get $90,000. Did you get yours from them?”

They were then told to contact an “agent” by the name of “Judy” at facebookbonus123@gmail.com.

Those who responded received an email telling them to send $600 to a “Smith Jones” who’s supposedly from the Philippines.

Salleh has advised those who have fallen prey to the scam tactics to call the police.



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