SEA Games Cyclist Vincent Ang’s Competition Bike Crushed during Pre-Dawn Spin

Posted on Mar 5 2015 - 10:11am by Benita Aw

Looks like the bad boy of Singapore’s cycling world, Vincent Ang, has gotten into yet another skirmish, this time wrecking his prized bicycle.

The cyclist, who is representing Singapore in the upcoming Southeast Asia (SEA) Games, took to the roads on his bicycle at around 4.44am yesterday (4 Mar) and somehow managed to get his bicycle wedged UNDER a car!

The bicycle was intended for use at the SEA Games, according to Ang, and now it appears he’ll have to use a different one because it “will probably never be safe for competitive racing again even if successfully repaired.”

The incident happened along Adam Road, towards Lornie Road.

Ang was unhurt.

It’s still unclear how the national cyclist’ bicycle managed to get lodged under the car.

Police are investigating the incident.

Ang uploaded two videos of the incident on his Facebook page.

One shows errant car reversing so the bicycle can be dislodged.

The other shows the driver of the car approaching the video-taker and telling him to stop filming.


Ang and Singapore’s Cycling Federation have refused to elaborate on the incident.

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