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Sexy Filipino Online “Lover” Tricks Man into Stripping Naked, then Blackmails Him for Cash

He thought he had found true love – a hot, sexy true love for that matter.

But it turned out that his lover was out for money rather than affection.

27-year-old cook, T, said that he first met the Filipino girl online in October last year.

They chatted and he was snared by her passion and the attention she paid to him.

Their conversations became more intimate and teasing.

He said the Filipino girl started revealing her flesh and posing for him in sexually suggestive positions.

That turned him on, and he wanted more.

The Filipino girl then asked him to strip.

Caught up in the passion of love, T agreed.

That’s when her attitude changed.

Shortly after, T said the Filipino girl demanded that he wire S$1500 to her.

She said that she had a screen recording of him taking off his clothes and posing in the nude, and would share that with his friends if he didn’t give her the money.

A love-struck T was now awe-struck.

He didn’t know what to do, so he approached a friend for help.

T’s friend advised him to ignore the Filipino girl, as she probably doesn’t really have any recording of him and she’ll eventually drop her demands if he doesn’t give in.

Those proved to be wise words indeed – the Filipino girl continued to send T threatening messages, but stopped after she realised he was ignoring her.

She didn’t spread the screen recording of him buff naked.

Subsequently, the Filipino girl even changed tack, pleading with T for money because she was “sick” and couldn’t afford to see a doctor.

T manned-up and refused to reply her.

He says he has learnt a lesson from this encounter, and wants to warn the public not to put themselves in compromising positions when looking for love online because you never know who you’re dealing with.



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