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Sexy Hot Shorts Chio Mom uses Toddler Daughter to Steal Cigarettes

This thieving chio mom was caught on CCTV using her daughter to steal a pack of cigarettes at a provision shop at Block 112 Bedok Reservoir Road.

Clad in a pair of hot shorts and a skin-tight mid-riff white t-shirt that accentuated her ample bosom, she had gone to the provision shop with her 4-year-old daughter on 16 Mar this year at around 11am.

Chio Mom asked the cashier for a pack of cigarettes, then bent forward to talk to her daughter.

The next thing the cashier knew, the girl grabbed the pack of cigarettes and ran out of the store together with Chio Mom.

Said the flabbergasted cashier Mr Lai:

“At first she tried to use ATM card to pay but it couldn’t work. Then she said she would go to an ATM to draw money to pay. Then suddenly she and her daughter ran away without paying.”

Lai said he managed to catch up with Chio Mom and demand that she pay for the cigarettes.

However, he said that Chio Mom feigned ignorance and said she had never taken any cigarettes from the store.

“She said she didn’t take any cigarettes and asked me to search. But inside where got cigarettes since it was the little girl who grabbed it and run away?”

An angry Lai called the police on the spot, however Chio Mom ran off before police officers arrived on scene.

He said that it’s not about the cigarettes, but the treatment of a child.

“You ownself want to cheat me can, but the kid is innocent. It’s not right for a parent to behave like that.”

Police are investigating the incident.



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