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Shrinklation is Real: Yeo’s Lemon Tea Turns Mini at Just 380ml, More Expensive Per Unit Price

You might be all too familie with the 500ml bottles of lemon tea drinks and the likes in supermarkets and convenience stores.

But with shrinkflation hitting home, some drink manufacturers like Yeo’s have shrunk the products.

This bottle of Yeo’s lemon tea drink is now 380ml, while competitors such as Pokka and Fuzetea still stock 500ml of the equivalent drink.

That’s a 24 percent downsize from the usual 500ml bottle.

Cost-wise, the Yeo’s lemon tea drink cost just 10 cents less than the 500ml Pokka equivalent and 5 cents less than the Fuzetea equivalent.

Singaporeans have criticised Yeo’s for the downsize, with many calling it unethical.

Said a Victor Goh:

“It’s actually more expensive per ml now if you count, just that they package it so that you don’t notice.”

Yeo’s has been criticised of late for its limited edition drink bearing the image of late former minister mentor Lee Kuan Yew on its packaging.

Many called it a “cheap trick” and “disrespectful” because the image hardly resembled Lee.

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