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SIA Jie Jie Travels to Narita and Bites Japanese Man at Shop

A 33-year-old Singapore Airlines flight attendant allegedly got up to some thievery in Japan and bit a man who tried to stop her.

33-year-old Bai Peixuan is accused of stealing items worth around 10,538 yen (S$95) on 6 Nov at a shop in Narita city.

These items include bath towels and tote bags.

A 51-year-old Japanese man reportedly tried to stop Bai from leaving the shop and got his left arm bitten by her.

Bai has denied stealing the items.

Commenting on the bite, she said:

“He was holding my neck, so I bit him because I wanted him to let go.”

SIA has confirmed that one of its staff was arrested in Japan.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that it is providing consular assistance to Bai.

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