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Siao Lang Aunty Calls Neighbour a “Chee***” While Flashing Her Genitalia

Some neighbours offer biscuits sometimes when you come home from a hard day’s work.

Others like this siao lang aunty offer a flash of their genitalia.

In a video posted online on Wed (14 Jun), netizen Tinaytonay358 said that she was about to enter her HDB flat unit when she noticed her neighbour using a handphone to film her.

She turned around and used her handphone to record her neighbour’s actions and that’s when things turned ugly.

The neighbour, started calling her “chee***”, a colloquial Hokkien term referring to a vagina.

She then raised her right leg and pulled aside her shorts, exposing her groin region.

At one point, the neighbour spoke in Hokkien, telling someone in her flat:

“That smelly vagina is using her handphone to record me.”

Tinaytonay358 claims that her neighbour has been harassing her, and that the neighbour’s husband and daughter have done nothing to stop her.

Other videos shared online appear to be captured from a CCTV placed outside Tinaytonay358’s flat, pointed at her neighbour’s unit.

That could possibly have incensed the neighbour further.

Tinaytonay358 has lodged a police report regarding the matter.

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