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Sim Lim Square Scammer Jover Chew Jailed for 33 Months and Fined S$2000

He made off with S$16,599 after cheating a total of 26 people.

And for that, Sim Lim Square Scammer Jover Chew has been jailed for 33 months and fined S$2000.

Chew had pleaded guilty to 12 charges, of which 10 were for cheating and the other 2 were for criminational intimidation and intentional distress.

Another 16 charges were taken into consideration during sentencing.

The highlight of Chew’s scamming ways was an incident where he dropped a bag of coins containing a refund of S$1010 for a female customer on the floor of his shop and made her pick them up.

But the straw that broke the camel’s back was the incident involving a Vietnamese tourist, Pham Van Thoai.

Pham knelt down and begged Chew for a refund, after he had purchased an iPhone 6 for S$950 and was then told he needed to pay S$1500 for a warranty otherwise he wouldn’t be able to claim the phone.

A video of that incident went viral online, and Chew has had it bad ever since.

His wife is looking to divorce him, and his parents are servicing debts incurred by his elder brother.

Also, SMRT Ltd ordered him a pizza and made him foot the bill.

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