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Singapore Driver Receives RM1788 Bill Shocker after Servicing Car at Malaysia Workshop


This Singaporean man got a rude shock when he sent his car to a workshop in Johor Bahru for servicing, only to get slapped with a RM1788 bill (about S$600).

Said Timothy Ng:

“I went to do my car servicing in JB at this workshop called Century Automotive at Jalan Dato Sulaiman.

I told the mechanic to check and see what I need to fix, and he briefly talked through what he needed to do. He said it would take 2+ hours so I went off to KSL (mall) first.

I came back – and to my shock the bill was RM1788!!! I said why is it so expensive and the counter girl just said that’s the price. I asked for a discount and she gave me a very generous RM28 off (I’m being sarcastic here).”

After sharing his story online, some have claimed that Ng was scammed by the workshop, saying he was overcharged for many of the parts.

Others say that cost isn’t that expensive, since it wasn’t servicing alone by also replacement of certain car parts.

And, most agree that drivers should not give any workshop mechanic a free rein to do whatever they wanted with their cars in the first place!



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