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Singapore Educator and Consultant Calls for the Murder of Homosexuals to Serve the Nation

Kill gays to protect Singapore?

That’s what this man, B Lim, is advocating.

A business consultant for Canon who holds a post-grad diploma from the National Institute of Education, Lim was commenting in the Facebook group We are against Pink Dot in Singapore.

He said “I am a Singapore Citizen. I am a NSman. I am a father. And I swore to protect my nation. Give me the permission to open fire. I would like to see these xxxx die for their causes.”

This comes as a real shooting took place in the US state of Florida, in which a gunman stormed a gay club and killed 50 people.



Some fear that people like Lim might carry out their threats in real life, or that comments like those uttered by Lim might spur others to perform such executions.

Said Audi Khalid:

“It is unnerving to think that, with comments like this, someone can simply walk up into our local gay bars and clubs in Neil Road, or at any of our massive gay parties, with the intention of serious hurt or murder. For whatever little is left of sanity in this world, this can NOT be tolerated. Not in Singapore. Not anywhere else.”

Hate speech is hardly tolerated in Singapore, and the government has shown that is prepared to adopt a no-nonsense stance even against online chatter.

Teenager Amos Yee was given jail time for trying to provoke discord with his vulgar online rant against Christians.

Socio-political website The Real Singapore was also shut down because of stories which it fabricated which were perceived to stoke racial disharmony.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sukhdev Singh Gill

    June 13, 2016 at 4:58 pm

    Dear sir,
    You may have your reasons to be up against such people. I respect your views as everyone detest something.
    Whatever your motives are, let me tell you you that you have no rights, absolutely none, to make such threats.
    You have committed a seizable offence of Criminal Intimidation and I expect a posse of policemen to round you up, take you away in handcuffs and conduct an investigation immediately and charge you in Court after having taken your sets of filthy fingerprints and photographed your sadistic face.
    Maybe, you may have found comfort because some people who made such intimidating remarks in the past have gotten away Scot free till today.
    By the way, are you a married Man?
    If you are and have a child that turns up like those that you hate, will you not baulk if other like-minded “educators” like you make such threats.
    There is a limit to observe.
    We will not allow Singapore to become a Nation of street justice.

    Sukhdev Singh Gill.

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