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Singaporean Housewife Falls Victim to Toilet Pervert at JB Paradigm Mall


She was planning to watch a movie with her family, but inadvertently gave a pervert a “free show”.

42-year-old housewife Mdm Tan had gone to Paradigm Mall in Johor Bahru with her husband and two sons and were about to catch a movie.

Before the movie started, Mdm Tan went to use the toilet.

While in the cubicle, Mdm Tan saw a black Samsung handphone on the floor of the cubicle next to the one she was using.

She thought that someone had dropped their handphone and didn’t think too much about it.

Suddenly, she saw a hand grab the handphone and stick it into her cubicle.

“I got a shock and quickly put on my trousers. I told myself to stay calm and not make a sound. When I opened the cubicle door I saw young women come out from the other cubicles and told them someone was filming us. They also got a shock but didn’t say anything. The pervert was still hiding in the cubicle. I told them to keep watch while I went to get help.”

It was only when she left the toilet that Mdm Tan mustered the courage to shout for help.

More than 10 people came to her aid, including cinema staff and a mall security guard.

Together they went and confronted the pervert, who was still in the toilet cubicle.

The pervert turned out to be a 19-year-old staff from the cinema.

Besides the handphone, he also had 2 portable power banks on him.

A police report was lodged and investigations are in progress.


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