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Singaporean Scams “Country Bumpkin” Transient Worker Using “Sick Mom” Story

AMELIA: I’m not sure how to help my foreigner friend. He used to be a dish washer and then a cleaner and not he works in the constructions site. He had reported to the police but the cops are not helping him that much.

He met a Singaporean lady couple years back and the lady wanted some money to treat her sick mum. So she borrowed from him a total of S$900 but he never did get it back as she has gone missing in action.

In China, if there is a credit note, things are easy to chase back for the money. He thought it works the same way here in Singapore. I wonder how to help him get it back from the Singaporean scammer.

My friend is a very uneducated country pumpkin from northern part of china. He works in the fields and never left China and Singapore was the 1st overseas place he had ever been to. So he had the impression that singaporeans are trustworthy and thought since She was a lady helping to treat her sick mum. So he lent the money to this “online singaporean friend” who he has never really met before.

They met the first time and he lent her the money. (yes, there were no favors involved). After that she just went missing in action.

I got to know how through a friend friend. I used to help out at some non profit organization that helps transient workers here in sg

You guys will be surprised that actually many foreigners do get cheated by Singaporeans.

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