Singaporeans Can’t Stomach Outrageous S$10.30 Northpoint Kopitiam Nasi Padang Bill


This plate of nasi padang from and accompanying bill slip from a Kopitiam-operated food court in Northpoint shopping mall has whipped up a storm on social media.

Many have condemned Kopitiam, the food court operator, and its vendor “Stall 07 Nasi Padang” for grossly overcharging the customer.

S$10.30 for nasi padang? Here’s a breakdown of that luxurious plate of food (with our sambal comments top it off)

Curry Mutton (L) S$5
(we assume the “L” stands for “large”. if that is large, don’t bother ordering small and getting mutton particles)

Seafood Hotdog (S) $3
(“seafood” hotdog equals those S$1.50 a pack frozen crabsticks and frozen sausages from NTUC? Mampos lah)

Egg (Sambal/Fried) S$1.50
(can’t see the egg, maybe too small that’s why covered by the receipt)

Rice S$0.80
(we always pay S$0.30 for rice. max S$0.50. S$0.80 better buy some basmati at least)

Total: S$10.30
(might as well save the money go restoran, there they pour free water for you too. Don’t go those like Thai Express. Because they only serve bottled water. F*ck Thai Express)

The photo you see above was shared by netizen Derrick Ho, who said:

“Are we really going to look towards this direction for the cost of meals in food courts?”

Kopitiam has since been bought over by local labour “union”, NTUC.

As it stands, hawkers at NTUC-operated “not-for-profit” social enterprises are already complaining about rise in costs, hidden costs, and strong-arm tactics when it comes to renewing their lease.



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