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Singaporeans Fear Overall Price Hikes as Gahmen Announces 18 Percent Increase in Water Price

The government has announced that it will raise the price of water by 18 percent, or 50 cents per cubic metre.

This will bring the water price from the current S$2.74 for every 1000 litres to S$3.24.

The water price hike will take place across 2 phases – a 20 cents increase in 1 Apr 2024, and a 30 cents increase on 1 Apr 2025.

Giving its justification for the latest price hike, the Public Utilities Board (PUB) said that average electricity market tariffs have increased by about 37 per cent; construction costs have risen by 35 per cent; expenses for essential chemicals in water treatment have grown by 33 per cent; and maintenance expenses have also gone up by 18 per cent due to higher manpower costs.

Singaporeans have expressed much concern about rising costs due to the increase in water price.

Said Alfred Neo:

“Businesses will raise their prices too because they have more expenses. Even GST increase also they take the chance to raise prices.”

Jane Teo said:

“2024 there is GST hike, then water price hike. I think kopitiam coffee maybe become $4 already.”

The price of water was last increases in 2017, when the gahmen announce a 30 percent price hike.

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