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SingTel Miss Starlet Sacked after Fat-People-Are-So-Damn-Ugly Comments

Singtel’s Miss Starlet winner Yasmeen Munira has gotten her crown revoked for weighing in on fat people.

The 21-year-old university student posted a series of tweets on her Twitter account, condemning how ugly fat people are.

“Why is it so hard for fat people to understand that they should not occupy seats on the train?”

“Just do everyone else a fabour and like cab. You’d be like paying for two people anyway.”

Besides the fat attack, Munira also attacked Singaporeans in general.

Again, for how ugly the look.

“Skinny yellow legs doesn’t mean you wear butt shorts. It means you gotta hit  the gym.”

“I’d rather have toned body with curves in the right places than skinny xxx flat-chested Asian bodies.”

“I sit on the train and all I can think of as I look at these faces are ‘omg Singaporeans are really ugly.”

“Singaporeans are so ugly… I really cannot.”

Munira would likely have been made an anchor on Singtel TV, but shooting her mouth off tipped the scales against her favour.

She has shut her Twitter account, and apologised for her comments in a Facebook post.

redwire singapore yasmeen munira singtel apology
The organisers of the talent contest, Singtel TV-Masti Showcase 2015, have stripped Munira of her title, and handed it to first runner-up, Ms Vijayalakshmi.

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