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Slow Ride to Justice for Toddler Whose Teeth were Knocked Out by Speeding Cyclist

It looks like a slow ride to justice for the parents of a 3-year-old boy, who was knocked down by a speeding cyclist at the Serangoon Park Connector yesterday morning.

The boy was left in a state of shock following the incident.

He was sent to hospital for swollen and torn lips, and cuts on his head and leg, but remains unable to chew and has difficulties consuming liquids through a straw, say his parents.

In the dental department, one of his teeth was knocked off, while others turned shaky.

Describing the incident, the boy’s mother Kaslyn Tan said:

“My 3-year old boy was knocked down by an extremely fast-riding cyclist (Chinese, standing at about 1.65m, in perhaps his forties, wearing full cyclist attire, and said he stays in Pasir Ris) riding a road bike who could not brake in time, despite my husband shouting for precaution when he was already a distance away and knocked into my son (who was about 2 arms’ length in front of my hubby, and was walking over to the fitness corner). THE CYCLIST SAID THAT HE COULD NOT STOP, BECAUSE HIS FEET WERE CLIPPED ON.

We do not know how that works but if so, then why was he even riding at such lightning speed where other people are? At the point of time, the cyclist dismounted and apologized to my husband, who was the only one with my son. But my husband was in a shocked state of mind, did not have anything with him at all, and didn’t know what to do or reply. The cyclist offered tissue and some water, but my husband’s mind was only filled with our son’s injuries. He then asked the cyclist if he has cash to spare since he had nothing on him. The cyclist then reluctantly offered my husband a mere $10 note, expecting us to bring our son to receive medical care. Then, he offered $20 more after some hesitation. Eventually, he left without leaving a number or anything.”

Attempts to track down the cyclist have been frustrating so far.

The National Parks Board is unable to provide any video footage of the incident as there are no CCTVs in the area.

Meanwhile, the PAP’s Victor Lye, who’s known as a politician, handyman, occasionally fireman, and all-round chup jit kah (everything also want to meddle) guy, has shown his support for the family of the injured toddler.

“Tonight, I visited the child who was knocked down this morning by a cyclist along the park connector near Punggol Park. My concern was his condition and follow up care. His kindergarten’s executive principal made the effort to visit the family with me, and will see if the medical expenses can be recovered. I have shared his mother’s post to remind cyclists about safety and responsibility. Seen here is the poor boy with stitches, swollen lips, bruises and abrasions. His teeth have been knocked out and loosened. The child’s father was so shocked and shakened that he did not obtain the cyclist’s personal details. The cyclist should not have ridden off. We must have rules, guidelines and a community etiquette to govern the safety and use of shared spaces.”

The police are investigating the incident.

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