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SMRT COO Alvin Kek Allegedly with a China Woman when Caught for Drink-Driving

SMRT Chief Operating Officer Alvin Kek was allegedly with a China woman when he was caught for drink-driving at Woodlands Checkpoint at 5am on Saturday (21 Apr).

State media agency Shin Min News Daily reported that Kek was with a female passenger in her 30s, who is a China native working in Singapore.

Both of them allegedly didn’t have their passports with them, because Kek had not intention of driving to Malaysia but somehow found himself at the checkpoint.

Kek, a 14-year army veteran and a colonel before he jumped ship to SMRT, is believed to be married with kids.

Kek is believed to have been driving home when he ended up at Woodlands Checkpoint.

Prior to the arrest, Kek’s latest public “appearance” was at a SMRT safety event, where he spoke about accountability and ensuring safety through teamwork.





  1. Simon Lim

    April 24, 2018 at 6:18 am

    Alvin Kek,SMRT’s Chief Operations Officer was found drink driving with a much younger tiongkok bu by his side in his car at 5.00am.Wow!That is interesting.I wonder if his wife is aware of that before his arrest.

    • Sim-Chua

      April 25, 2018 at 10:37 pm

      Lately, MRT did a lot of night testing to improve its liabilty !
      Be it husband or wife have night activities comes with a excuse not reason.
      Excuse#1: Overseas for few days,is the nature of the game, as widely used among golfers.
      Excuse#2; Another of my friends, the husband and another the wife played mahjong overnights but landed on the bed! See it as reason not excuse!
      As the saying goes: No cat resists fish !
      To me that’s his privacy.
      The safety of the transportation depends on the technical & engineering staffs not COO holding a pen !

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