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SMRT Train Captain Commended for Piggy-Backing Ah Pek to Safety during Train Breakdown

It looks like SMRT’s train services break down more often than their staff.

During one such breakdown, this train captain, Goh Kim Han, did what many others wouldn’t in a similar situation – piggy-back an ah pek to the safety of the station platform.

The incident took place on 9 Jan this year, when a train on the North-South Line broke down when approaching Marsiling station.

Passengers had dismount and walk on the track to the station.

Seeing that the ah pek was struggling on the rocky track surface, Goh took it upon himself to carry him to the platform.

A pretty mean feat considering Goh himself is 51-year-old!

Goh has been given the Outstanding Award at the National Kindness Award – Transport Gold for his selfless behaviour.

We’d give the man a Tiger.



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Good

    October 26, 2016 at 9:20 pm

    Uplifting good news! Bravo to this MRT employee.

    His act of kindness was noted in January, but take 9 months to appear on news for a reward. Whereas indians did something trivial and not even considered great news (eg. that indian kid made a call on a traffic accident….) and can even get publicised and rewarded??? WTF who the F playing the race card on media??

    Rule#1, NEVER let a minority race, especially indians, run a company or country, they will only make policies to demoralize the majority and the country will fall backward to the state such as india.

    Use some common sense! People.

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