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SMS Spam Scam: Unsuspecting Victims Charged for Games Without Their Consent!

Handphone users be warned – this scam SMS appears to be making its rounds, and those who receive apparently get billed without their consent!

Victims first receive an SMS telling them to subscribe to NoLimitGames.

From the SMS, it appears that an account has already been setup for the victim.

Thereafter, a follow-up SMS is automatically sent to victims, telling them that they have been charged S$3.99.

All this is reportedly done without the authorisation of victims.

A netizen who goes under the moniker damianuuu says he called his telco, SingTel, for help regarding the scam charges and only received a waiver of the charges after using some rather rude language.

“Yes it is a scam not spam, i also kenna this..

When i got the bill, i call singtel n sexplained to them nicely but they insist they are only bill collector n ask me to call nolimitgames..

After half an hr i called singtel again n this time i farked them big time rudely ask is it this scam that pay chua sock koong so high salary n they waived immediately..

So in spore, customer service only listen to rude customers..”

So handphone user be warned (and of course, mind the langauge lah).

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