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Sob Story China Crying Aunties Roam Singapore Scamming Money Off Kind Heartlanders

Crying Aunties from China are making the rounds in Singapore scamming kind heartlanders of their hard-earned money.

These China Crying Aunties, believed to be part of a syndicate, have been spotted from the east to the west of the country.

In Bedok North, one Crying Aunty scammed a 50-year-old man of S$220 on 7th Nov.

The Crying Aunty spun a tale that she was a divorcee who lost money at the Marina Bay Sands casino and had no money to eat.

She asked the 50-year-old man, Mr Lau, to buy her dinner.

The Crying Aunty approached him together with another female Chinese, who vouched for her story.

Mr Lau gave the pair $20, but that wasn’t enough.

After taking the money, they then asked for help to pay for their hotel accommodation.

Mr Lau said that he took pity on the two since they appeared helpless in a foreign country.

In the end, he parted with another S$200.

The Crying Aunty duo added Mr Lau on WeChat and said they would repay him.

Later, Mr Lau told his friend about the incident and realised he had been scammed.

At the other end of Singapore, in Jurong, others have reported encountering these Crying Aunties.

They have been spotted at Lakeside and Jurong East MRT, begging for money, on the pretext that they lost money at the casino and were left with no cash in Singapore.

It is uncertain whether these China Crying Aunties are in Singapore on legitimate work passes or social visit passes.

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