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Starhub Customer who Bought SmartSupport Accuses Telco of Refusing to Compensate Her for Lost iPhone


A young lady who subscribed to Starhub’s SmartSupport service, which offers to replace your phone for a replacement fee if it goes missing, has accused the Telco of refusing to compensate her after she lost her iPhone.

24-year-old Ms Wong said she bought an iPhone from a Starhub shop in Woodlands on 7 Nov.

There, a Starhub staff recommended she sign up for SmartSupport, saying that if she lost her phone, she only needed to pay a replacement fee to get a new phone without accompanying accessories such as a charger and earpiece.

Ms Wong signed up for the plan, and she said that she was told the plan would be effective immediately.

The next day, Ms Wong carelessly left her iPhone at a kopitiam and it was gone by the time she returned to look for it.

She called Starhub to report the loss of her phone, and was shocked to hear that her SmartSupport plan had been terminated – which would mean she wouldn’t get a new phone after paying a replacement fee.

Ms Wong said she was stunned as she had bought the phone less than a day ago.

“The Starhub staff told me that the plan was effective immediately when I bought the phone, so why was it terminated when I lost my phone?”

Starhub has responded to the complaint, saying that the service can take up to 7 days to activate and only then can customers use the service.

The firm said that that’s stated in the terms and conditions

Also, Starhub had not collected the service subscription fee from Ms Wong, and she would have been billed in the first month’s bill from the company.

This is what is stated on the Terms and Conditions page of Starhub’s website – TECHNICALLY Ms Wong was immediately enrolled for SmartSupport, but yet NOT subscribed to the service as she hadn’t paid her first bill yet.

Yes, don’t read the very fine print at your own risk.

Ms Wong says she is very disappointed with Starhub.

“If they told me it would take 7 days to be activated, I can only say it was bad luck, but they didn’t tell me about this.”



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