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State Media Warns Against Fake News, then White-Washes Law Minister’s Flippant AMKTC Remarks

RONALD LEE: State media has the gall to ride high on its white horse and tell the public not to trust any other local media outlet.

But clearly, its actions as the trustworthy bearer of news on the street leave much to be desired.

Just look at how not one, but two state media outlets it white-washed controversial-sounding comments by Mr K Shan.

Those words that came out of Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam’s mouth regarding the AMKTC scandal seemed flippant at face value, and that’s possibly why state media in Singapore quietly got rid of it.

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But the internet doesn’t forget.

Commenting on money scandal plaguing Ang Mo Kio Town Council, where town council general manager Victor Wong is now being investigated by the CPIB for possible corruption, Mr K Shan was quoted by the Straits Times and Channel NewsAsia to have said… See for yourself:

Considering that the PAP has stuck by its stance of appointing staff of town council managing agents to helm town councils with its appointed replacement for Victor Wong, you must wonder why the conflict of interest in such appointments is not apparent or remedied.

A town council general manager seeks to get the best deal for the town council. If he’s employed by the company which the town council hires to perform works, then the whole conflict of interest issue comes into play.

How can such a manager be expected reasonably to perform his fiduciary duty to the town council?

The inherent conflict of interest in such a situation is something teenage students learn about in management textbooks.

And still, the PAP, which has always taken the higher moral and intellectual ground, cannot recognise this?

Regarding AHPETC, even before an independent audit was carried out, this is what Mr K Shan had to say:

So while state media is quick to use Mr K Shan’s words as a knife to lodge quick and dirty into the Workers’ Party, it has no qualms about dissolving any words which could make Mr K Shan look like he talked out of turn.

Double standards? Or maybe all state media reporters heard Mr K Shan wrongly.



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