Strange Ang Mo Kio Lifts Need 24-hr “Lift Attendants” to Help You Use the Lift


Visitors to Block 352 Ang Mo Kio Street 32 find it strange that there’s a man in every one of the 3 lifts of the block to help you open the lift.

Residents know better – since Sunday morning (10 Dec), all 3 lifts at the 30-storey block have been malfunctioning.

The problem lies with the lift landing button on each floor, which simply don’t work.

As a temporary measure, “lift attendants” have been made to sit inside the lifts so they can press the “open” button for residents.

They have been working shifts, and are on duty 24-hours a day.

Said a resident, Mr Pan,

“I live on the 27th floor and had to climb down the stairs to go to work on Sunday. When I came home, there was a worker inside the lift who activated it to help me enter.”

Residents hope that the problem will be fixed soon so they can resume normal use of the lifts, and so these “lift attendants” won’t have to take turns to simply push buttons inside a lift day after day.


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