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Super Tired Driver Beats Red Light and Smashes Vehicle into Car Carrying Family of Six

They were heading to Ikea Tampines for dinner when a reckless driver spoilt all plans for a happy family outing.

The incident took place on Wednesday at about 7.25pm.

39-year-old quality control supervisor Mr Tan was driving along Bartley Road, and with him in the car were his wife, elderly parents, and two children aged 2 years old and 9 months old.

As he reached a junction, Mr Tan said he saw the green arrow flash signaling that it was okay to move forward.

But just as he made a turn, a car that beat a red light smashed right into his vehicle.

He said:

“My mother who was sitting in the rear seat saw the car coming and screamed but I couldn’t stop in time.”

The impact left everyone stunned like vegetable, including the driver of the other car and his male passenger.

Many who saw the accident stopped to lend a hand.

Mr Tan said the other driver was very apologetic.

“He was very sorry. He said he was tired and wiped his eyes for a second, then got a shock to see that he had gotten into an accident.”

Mr Tan’s parents, wife and children were sent to hospital, while he checked in the next day complaining of chest pains.

The incident is being investigated.



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