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Suspected Pontianak Seen at Tuas Checkpoint

The scariest thing a commuter can face at Singapore-JB checkpoints is human traffic jams.

Or so you think…

Two different commuters spotted something on Sat (3 Jun) which they believe is a pontianak at the usually cqowded Tuas checkpoint.

One commuter shared an image of the figure, which was dressed in a flowing, white robe and had long black hair that obscured its face.

The second shared a photo of what looks to be the same figure standing near a customs gantry.

Coincidentally, there was little human traffic at the Tuas checkpoint at that time.

Some netizens claim that the photos were faked.

However, others have asked if the ghostly figure can appear more often to help “kai lu” so that our checkpoints will always be similarly empty!

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