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Taxi Driver Beats Red Light and Crashes into Pedestrians at Bugis

A taxi driver has been caught on camera beating a red light and crashing into 2 pedestrians.

The incident took place on Monday (29 Aug) at about 9.30pm.

The two pedestrians were crossing the road in front of Bugis Junction when they got into the accident.

Video-taker William Yew said:

“Always ensure cars have come to a full stop at all road crossings. Even when green man is your favour, that is why you should never be looking down at your mobile device while crossing. Of course, taxi is at fault but flesh and bones matters most.”

At least one of the pedestrians appeared to be badly injured by the crash, though the extent of his injuries are unclear.

To the taxi driver’s credit, he did park his vehicle by the roadside to tend to the injured.

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