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Taxi Driver Knocks Down and Injures Wheelchair-Bound Ah Ma, then Cheats Her of Compensation

63-year-old wheelchair-bound Mdm Wong is hopping mad at a taxi driver who she claims not only knocked her down, but later cheated her in the most b*stardly manner ever.

On Saturday (25 Mar) at about 1pm, the retiree was crossing the road at a zebra crossing at Hospital Drive.

She was on the way to Singapore General Hospital to meet a friend who had just undergone an operation.

Said Mdm Wong:

“I was crossing the zebra crossing with a friend when suddenly a taxi hit my motorised wheelchair.”

Mdm Wong said the taxi driver, a Chinese man, got out of the car and “acted” like he was going to offer her help.

He reportedly apologised and gave her his phone number, asking her to contact him if there he needed to compensate her for any damage to her wheelchair as a result of the crash.

Then, the taxi driver drove off.

“Later on I found out there was some problem with the wheelchair. It looked like it had slowed down and there were some damaged parts. When I got home, my back arm hurt and the pain got worse.”

Mdm Wong decided she would give the taxi driver a call.

But, she got a rude shock once she heard the voice on the other end of the line.

Mdm Wong said the voice sounded like that of an Indian woman.

She suspects that the taxi driver gave her a fake phone number and has lodged a police report.

“This wheelchair was just fixed one month ago. Now he spoiled it, if next time want to fix will cost another how many thousands of dollars. Where am I going to find the money? Now I have to borrow a wheelchair from my friend. And then my back hurts, waist and arm hurt, have to spend hundreds of dollars to see doctor again!”

Police have acknowledged that a police report has been filed over this incident and are investigating the case.



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