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Taxi Driver Overtakes on One-Lane Road and Almost Kills Pedestrian, then Shouts “Not My Fault”

A frightening traffic incident for 41-year-old civil servant Mr Koh on Monday (21 Nov).

He almost witnessed a taxi mowing down a pedestrian, assn in these images caught by his car dashboard camera.

The incident took place at bout 6pm.

Mr Koh said he was driving at Choa Chua Kang Ave 6, on a single-lane road, when a Mercedes in front of him stopped and signaled to turn right.

Mr Koh stopped his car too, but the taxi behind him didn’t give a f*ck.

The taxi drove in the oncoming lane, in the opposite direction of traffic, and cut ahead of Mr Koh and the Mercedes.

At that time, a woman was crossing the road while using her handphone.

Luckily for her, she saw the taxi and took a step back just in time to avoid being run over.

The taxi just drove ahead and didn’t stop at all, said Mr Koh.

That’s when Mr Koh horned at the taxi.

Instead of showing any form of apology, Mr Koh said the taxi driver even wound down his window and shouted in a self-righteous tone, “Not my fault, not as if I knocked into you.”


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