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Taxi Driver Returns Passengers’ Wallet filled with S$1200 in Cash


Money leads to temptation, leads to people doing naughty things… but this ComfortDelgo cabby personally demonstrated what it means to “be a man, do the right thing.”

Seeing a wallet with S$1200 inside left in his taxi, the cabby returned it without taking a cent of the cash.

Daniel Teoh, the passenger who forgot his wallet packed with cash, said he took taxi SHD4223G from Chinatown to Sengkang.

He left his wallet in the cab during the ride.

Later on, he reported that his wallet was missing and the taxi driver took the trouble to travel from Ang Mo Kio to Sengkang to return it.

Teoh, who is also a taxi driver, said:

“I always think, ‘If one day I found a wallet full of cash, what should I do’. Because of you, SHD4223G, I will do the same thing to be an honest taxi driver. Thank you.”

Give Taxi Uncle SHD4223G a Tiger lah!



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