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Taxi Uncle Takes Drunk and Sleeping Passenger for Roundabout Ride and Racks Up S$70 Bill!

What should you do when you get a sleeping drunkard for a cab passenger?

Makan him for all he’s worth lah – which is apparently what this taxi uncle, Simon, did.

Simon picked up an Indian man at Boat Quay who wanted a ride to Fort Rd.

Upon reaching Fort Rd, the drunk realised he wasn’t really where he wanted to be at, which is Jurong Port Rd.

And upon reaching Jurong Port Rd, the drunk again realised he wasn’t at the destination he desired, which is Jurong Fishing Port Rd.

In case you didn’t know, Fort Rd is nowhere near Jurong.

All this time, taxi uncle Simon just brought the drunk wherever he said he wanted to go and racked up a S$70.80 bill on the taxi meter.

But at least all’s well that ends well for the drunk and the taxi uncle.

Simon got a S$100 with the instruction to “keep the change” while the drunk got home in one piece.

Still, next time it’s probably best to stay awake when you’re taking a cab – it’ll be a big help to your wallet!


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