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Teen Poses as Singapore Airlines Pilot, Molests 15-Year-Old Girl and Scams 50 Others


He’s just 19-year-old, but this teen managed to scam some 50 people into thinking he was a Singapore Airlines pilot and take advantage of them.

He even carried an ID that identified him as a “First Officer” with SIA – a co-pilot who is second-in-command of an aircraft.

The teen carried out his crime spree in Hong Kong.

He joined a whatsapp group and began to call his victims to meet so he could scam them.

One of his victims claimed that he stayed at her place and refused to move out.

But the “teen pilot” met his downfall when he prayed on a 15-year-old girl.

He met the girl at a café and after awhile said that his handphone had run out of battery and that he needed to get his portable charger from the airport.

The girl took a bus with him to the airport.

Along the way, he grabbed her breasts and refused to stop groping her even when she struggled.

He finally stopped when the girl scolded him loudly on the bus.

The girl later made a police report and the “teen pilot” was arrested.

Singapore Airlines says that the “teen pilot” is not one of its staff.

Police are investigating the case.



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