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Termites Invade BTO Flat after 1 Year, Problem so Bad Single-Mom and Daughters Forced to Move Out


A proud moment for 48-year-old single-mother, Mdm Tan.

Her eldest of 4 daughters, whom she had put through university had finally saved up enough money after working for some years and they managed to successfully apply for a BTO flat.

The family of 5 moved into their new 12th floor 3-room flat at Block 424B Yishun Ave 11 3 years ago.

But so did some unwanted guests.

Mdm Tan said that a year after she moved into the Yishun BTO flat, she noticed white power at the foot of one of her bedframes, and later spotted termites.

She called the contractor whom she had engaged to build the customised bedframes, and he told her that he would see what he could do about the issue.

Said Mdm Tan:

“The contractor said that there was a problem with one leg of the bedframe and the problem would be solved after it was changed. But even after that, termites crawled out from another part of the bed so the contractor also changed that part.”

But, the termite problem gradually worsened.

Soon, the termites started appearing in the living room and kitchen too.

Mdm Tan said the contractor came and sprayed pesticide but that didn’t stop the termites.

Three years on, the termite problem got even worse, and the pests are now crawling all over the flat.

Mdm Tan said she has no clue where the termites came from, and how to get rid of them.

She says she tried spraying more pesticide but can’t get rid of the termites.

She and her daughters have moved to a relative’s home until they find a way to resolve the termite problem.




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